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Welcome to White Earth Ceramics

Welcome to the White Earth Ceramics web site. Home of the White Earth Ceramics studio in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Here you will find one-of-a-kind handmade porcelain original pottery with a modern yet organic touch by potter, Nancy Monsebroten.

Each sculptured vase, bowl, plate and wall piece are created using both wheel thrown and hand-built techniques. Like the prairie and the sea, my pieces display subtle hues againest large neutral backgrounds - a touch of color or a glint of pearl like finding a prairie rose in an otherwise green meadow, or a single shell on a stretch of sand.

In celebration for my enduring reverence for nature, I collect and bring leaves, twining vines, flower petals and all things botanical into the studio. I prefer calm quiet glazes. Most of my glazes are a soft, satin matte finish. I mix my own ceramic glazes using recipes handed down to me during apprenticeship, many of which originated in Japan, continuing the tradition of teacher passing knowledge to student.

All work is kiln fired to a very hard, vitrified 2185 degrees. It is water tight and much more durable than its delicate appearance. Other then the framed art, all work can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

I hope you enjoy looking around, please visit my ETSY web site where you can purchase current work. Use your "Back” button or close your browser window to return to the White Earth Ceramics site.

Thank you for stopping by.
Nancy Monsebroten

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